Colin is an engineer's engineer. He has an exceptional ability to transform vision and direction into on-target creative. I strongly recommend Colin for your high precision CNC machining needs at all levels of sophistication.

Bairre Rónán, Mechanical Engineering Manager

A big thank you to your staff and the honest members of the OEM MFG Inc. You save me time and give me a great starting point for a fast, easy order process. I really appreciate all your help on my orders!

Carla Maria, Purchasing Agent at Honeywell

"I would like to commend you and your team on the excellent work done on the last set of parts we received. You have consistently accepted the more difficult jobs we have to offer and have always shown superior quality in extremely short lead times!"

Cillian Ilario, Staff Engineer on Optical Instrument

Rita is awesome! She called me immediately after I submitted my quote request. A compassionate individual she is, and I thank her greatly for helping us meet the deadline.

Thane Davy, Senior Mechanical Engineer