Colin Yao is an over 20 years experienced veteran on mechanical design, CNC machining and precision manufacturing. He graducated with an M.S. in Precision Instrument Engineering in 1990.

Under his leadership, OEM MFG Inc. has grown from an small machine shop to an multi-million dollars CNC machining, manufacturing and processing center. You can depend on his talent for designing and producing innovative products that promote maximum efficiency while requiring minimal maintenance.

He interacts extensively with clients in order to design precise, high accuracy parts and products that meet and exceed customers' requirements. Here are some of his past projects:

  • Designed and developed a hydrogen fuel cell engine that successfully increased fuel efficiency 9.5%
  • Created a catalytic converter that reduced carbon dioxide emissions by 26%
  • Advised and guided automotive companies on instituting improvements specifically regarding productivity and efficiency

Please don't hesitate to contact him for any questions. You can email him at